A brief History

of the Fox Covert

The Fox Covert had rather humble beginnings from around 1966 where a couple Mr and Mrs Young used to run it. The Young’s did cattle transporting for the local farmers and also ran the Half Moon. The Half Moon was the precursor to the present name that the pub took on from it’s new owners.


In the words of Brian who has been in when he was about 11 years in 1966 ‘A bar was non-existent and when you walked in the pub it resembled more of a living room’. A woman, Mrs Young used to come around from an interior room that adjoined the main hall serving the clientele, who were mainly farmers from around the area, drinks.


Then there was a brief spell where the Half Moon was left empty. And then it went up for sale.


A chap named Herbert Wood who ran the New Inn down the road from the Half Moon bought it in the late 60’s. He then set about changing the place.


A long bar was added as part of the modernisation. And the horse stable and pig sty that was at the end of the property was developed into a restaurant.


It was sometime in 1968 that The Half Moon was re-christened as The Fox Covert. It was also around this time that the Kirklevington Country Club came along which hosted acts like Rod Stewart and Long John Baldwry.

Chris who was then the area manager for Vaux Breweries, bought the pub along with this wife Sue and ran it till early 2018.  They made extensive renovations and moved the bar to the central and knocked off all the partitions to make it one long open spaced pub.


Nicola and Jane who have both worked for at the Fox Covert since their teens eventually took over after Chris and Sue. They are both passionate and excited to offer existing and new customers an excellence in service that they’ve come to be accustomed to. Joanne and Jimmy, the managers, like other staff have had a long term association with the Fox Covert.