Great News Everyone


The Fox Covert Is Proven As A Safe Environment


The Fox Covert Pub is reopening fully from Monday 14th September. We are also opening on a Takeaway food basis from Friday 11th September (tomorrow).


We have been praised as a shining example of how with professionalism and good practice we can keep everyone safe. When a staff member inadvertently brought Covid into the workplace all work colleagues and our customers have been kept safe. Not one staff member or customer has had any transmission of the Covid virus. The experts have explained this success is a direct result of the professionalism of our staff and all the good practices we have put in place. We closed on a purely voluntary basis and we have only remained closed to allow the affected staff to self isolate for 14 days and ensure the complete safety of our customers and staff. We are now reopening with the confidence and proof that we are one of the safest establishments on Teesside. We are proud of our staff and this achievement because it demonstrates that everything we do is making a huge difference. We hope that you will all come back with the knowledge and confidence that the Fox Covert is a safe environment to enjoy eating and drinking out once again.


We will be available to pre-book your takeaways (or tables) from today, between 1pm to 5pm on 07724 418569


Opening Hours for Takeaways for this weekend are as per below:

Friday 11th Sept – 4pm to 9pm

Saturday 12th Sept – 12pm to 9pm

Sunday 13th Sept – 12pm to 9pm


Please call on our regular number 01642 760033 from tomorrow onwards.

Book early to avoid disappointment ☺

We look forward to welcoming you all back

The Fox Covert Team

Customer Update and a positive story to tell


The closure of the Fox Covert was a voluntary precaution, and not an instructed requirement, because we are not officially considered to have had an outbreak of Covid 19. Only one staff member tested positive and since then no other staff members or customers are showing symptoms or have tested positive, therefore, it is considered unlikely there has been any transmission. This has been attributed to the safe practices we operate, the quick action taken by everyone involved and the professionalism of our staff.


The experts from NHS Track and Trace have decided there is no need for customers to be contacted or tested at this point. We would still ask you to be vigilant of symptoms as we are not totally out of the woods until more time has elapsed, however, the critical period has passed without any further reports of anyone else having symptoms.


Our current plan is to remain closed and re-open in approx. 1 week, when we can be 100% sure there is no Covid issue (date to be announced shortly). This is a fantastic example of how, even when this virus is brought in from the big bad world out there, with good practice and professionalism everyone can still be protected from transmission. We believe this demonstrates that we are one of the safest establishments on Teesside and it is our hope that all of our fantastic customers will see this as an endorsement of how safe they are when returning to the Fox Covert. We hope to see you all again soon.

The Fox Covert – Covid 19 update 2nd September 2020


Unfortunately we have had to close the Fox Covert as a precaution to protect customers and staff. A staff member received a positive Covid 19 test Tuesday 1st September.


We immediately closed the business and will remain closed until we are certain it is safe to re-open. The staff member worked most days of the week up to and including Sunday 30th August.


Staff do keep socially distanced where possible and regularly wash and sanitize their hands and surfaces. No other staff members have reported any symptoms and there are also no reports of symptoms from any of our customers. The staff member was astute enough to recognise the symptoms, cease working and get tested as soon as possible.


We are also taking every precaution and following government guidelines to the letter. Under these government guidelines we are not supposed to contact customers ourselves but all the information is handed to the government track and trace people. They will consider the circumstances and contact those they decide need to isolate if necessary.


The safety of our customers and staff is paramount and we hope this swift action protects everyone from any further outbreak. We will keep you up to date on this web site and notify you if any other staff or customers test positive in the next few days.

The Fox Covert – Reopening 9th July 2020


Firstly we would like to say “hi” and “we have missed you” to all of our wonderful customers. We hope that you have all been keeping safe and well during the Covid-19 lock down.


We are planning to re-open for business from Thursday 9th July and we look forward to seeing you all again over the coming weeks.


Due to the current social distancing regulations of 1m+, we have removed some tables to create more space inside of the pub. Bookings times can be as flexible as previously (between 12pm – 9pm), however, you will be given a 2hr slot allocation from your arrival time.

Until the pub is fully open, bookings can be made via our bookings ‘hotline’ number between 1200pm – 3pm each day. Number to call is 07724 418569.


From Thursday 9th July the bookings number will revert to our land line 01642 760033.


Tables can be booked for either food, just drinks and snacks, or both. If you have any specific requests, please discuss upon booking and we will try to accommodate. The important point is that we must have control on the overall numbers for social distancing purposes.


When you arrive you will note some small changes to the setup. These have been implemented for the safety of both our customers and our staff. There are various hand sanitising points available within the pub and we encourage you to use them. We also now have separate entrance and exit doors.


All of our staff have undergone relevant training and appropriate risk assessments have been carried out.


Weather permitting you will also be able to utilise the outside areas. Tables will be available on a first come basis and will not be booked. We would kindly ask that you also continue to follow social distancing guidelines whilst outside of the pub.


For both inside and outside areas, a table service only system will be in operation.


Unfortunately during the current situation, whilst we have reduced capacity, we will not be able to accommodate dogs (other than Guide Dogs) inside of the pub. You are still welcome to bring your dogs along if you are able to sit outside.


We hope that the above has answered most of your questions, however, if you require any further information do not hesitate to ask our staff. You can also email enquiries to


Stay safe and we hope to see you all soon.


Best regards,

The Fox Covert Team